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Ready to embrace your inner light?

Ready to embrace your inner light?

Let's Explore!

Find out how we can work together so you can find your inner light.

Welcome, I'm Francine...

Being born and raised in Alaska has provided many unique experiences, a love for the outdoors, and an appreciation for the life in all living things. After teaching special education in public schools, I realized that there was more to success than what we are learning in our schools.

This led me to research how horses, nature and learning merge to facilitate unlimited personal growth. 

In 1991, equine assisted therapy mainly focused on helping those with physical challenges. Currently, after much research and development that has contributed to growth in the field of equine experiential learning, we have discovered how beneficial horses are to human spiritual and emotional well-being.

By studying the diversity of learning styles, current brain research, neuroplasticity, alternative and energy healing, massage, traumatic stress, Centered Riding practices, and Somatic Experiencing ™ techniques, this all has led me to the creation of my personal empowerment program. I cherish the love of: earth, environment, self, family, and all of God’s creation, (two and 4 legged)!

I am committed to support and empower the light found in all.


Partner with me and discover the value in making time to breathe and, “stop and smell the flowers.”


Reflect and unleash the gifts that are uniquely yours. The gifts that are to bless you and allow you to be a blessing to others.


Reflect and rediscover your innate value and self-knowledge, providing a radiant path forward.

“Working together to brighten your inner light.”

My Credo

Spirit of Sunka Wakan is dedicated to the exploration of self-knowledge, self-love and self-empowerment.

Let's Explore!

Find out how we can work together so you can find your inner light.


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Graphic Design

“The Applied Psychology class with Francine taught me a lot about the behaviors of horses around humans. I discovered that how I was feeling one day versus another day had different effects on the horses and how they acted around me.

Also, I was able to identify key traits that were similar to a horse behavior and a human behavior as far as fear and excitement went. During the class, we were able to work as a group and independently to bring out our own ideas and discoveries with the horses every day during class.

Overall, the class was such a great and unique experience that I still share the memories with family and friends today who may be interested in taking the class one day, it was truly an eye opening experience I will never forget!”

 ~ Suzie D

It is my pleasure to share with you the profound impact that Francine Reuter has made on my daughter, Leanna Bouma. 

Mrs. Reuter was Leanna’s teacher for World History, Alaska Studies, and Forensic Science.  Using enthusiasm, engaging activities, and positive interaction, Mrs. Reuter enhanced Leanna’s joy for learning. She also provided lessons in equestrian therapy. Francine provided opportunities for deep creative learning and Leanna excelled in her classes. 

Her constructivist approach encourages students to choose an area of interest within the context of her classes and explore it further. Leanna was able to create several projects using technology, research, creative writing, and oral presentation. Designing, researching, and making several movies provided challenge, fun, and in-depth study. 

During equestrian care, she gave Leanna just enough independence to feel confident, excited and safe. Classes were full of rich information about the horse’s care, health and relationship/trust between the horse and rider. Leanna enjoyed exercise and learned a great deal about horses.

Francine Reuter is an exceptional educator and I am thankful Leanna received her guidance and excellent instruction during her high school education. We are fortunate!

~ Ginger Golsan-Bouma, Ph.D.

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