The Spirit of Sunka Wakan Youth Empowerment Summer School Program is dedicated to:
Roy Henderson
(1938 - 2003)
Fellow educator, equine lover, and believer in the healing powers of horses. Here’s to you, Roy, your inspiration, and, in
your own words, “where miracles happen.”
 The Spirit of Sunka Wakan Equestrian Partnership Learning Program, would not have happened without your belief in
me, my passions, and my ideas.  Happy trails until we meet again.
Mary Ellen Shea (Mush Mellen)
(1950 - 2006)
Fellow educator, canine-mushing lover, and believer in the power of experiential learning, Here’s to you, Mellen, whose
belief in me quieted my doubts and unleashed my passions, dream, drive, and determination to complete my Equine
Partnership Learning Program.  Happy trails until we meet again. “Arff, arff!”
Copyright 2009 Spirit of Sunka Wakan 
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