My path back to the academic world would not have begun if it were not for Dr. Mei Mei Evans at Alaska Pacific University and my world-famous persistence.  When Dr. Evans and I first talked about my academic goals on the phone, she did not believe they could be accomplished within the MAP program.  I convinced her to allow me to meet with her, and fortunately her reluctance changed to enthusiasm.  I shall be forever grateful for her academic support and belief in me and my dream.
Joyce Stubbs, second mother, editor, and prodder, helped by discussing philosophies of education and spending numerous hours suggesting revisions and frequently calling to ask, “Do you have more writing ready for me to edit?”

Frank Reuter, my husband, emotional and financial supporter, and sounding board deserves the biggest thanks for watching me spend endless hours in front of the computer, listening to me pour over the details of the last GREATEST book, caring for our eight horses, seven dogs, and two cats while I journeyed from the West Coast to the East Coast in my quest for Equine Experiential Learning training and  for allowing me to give myself on-the job-training in becoming an income-producing builder to make up for my lost wages and educational expenses; I will be forever grateful for the super-human restraint he used in listening to my exhaustive updates on the progress, delays, and escalating costs of my construction project at “The Bear Valley House.”

I wish to acknowledge and thank Lo Crawford for the tremendous help she gave me with completing the writing of my Spirit of Sunkan Wakan Equine School program.  Lo is last, but not least; she was the last to join my team of supporters by becoming an advocate and enthusiast who encouraged and helped me complete this equestrian project. Lo Crawford, my former eighth-grade social studies teacher who first introduced me to social and emotional learning with The Self Book, and colleague at West High School, came through, as Frank would say, “in the 4th quarter,” to generously offer her extremely limited time and much-appreciated expertise.  I thank Lo for her assistance in the completion of my dream.
“The Spirit of Sunka Waka Equine Partnership Learning Program” would not have become a reality without the assistance and backing of my family, friends, and instructors.  I shall always be grateful for these advocates’ generosity.


The Spirit of Sunka Wakan  Empowerment Program